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Improving your Customers Online Shopping Experience

If you own an online shopping portal, then your main aim should always be to find new ways to improve your customers’ online shopping experience with you. This is the best way to increase sales and succeed in the world of ecommerce. There is no single solution for every site. Because each site differs in terms of niche and a whole host of features, it is very important to implement certain features to cater to your markets needs. First factor is the design and layout. Your website’s home page should talk about the product that you are selling. When a user lands on your page, he or she should get a hint of what you sell in just 5 seconds. Make sure your design reflects your product or services. Make your site more navigable. Your visitors should be able to browse through your categories easily and find the products that they are looking for. They should be able to move from page to page without getting lost. Work on your websites content. In the home page, you should be able to

What are the most Important Features of a Shopping Cart

Online businesses have become increasingly popular and ecommerce is the name of the game today. Everybody wants to have their own online business where they can sell their products to customers across the globe. However, just like any other marketplace, the online marketplace is highly competitive. Gone are the days where you could get away with roughly designed website that required very little money and efforts. Instead, today, in order to be a successful online entrepreneur, you need a website that is user-friendly, visually aesthetic and well optimized. And the shopping cart is probably the most important factor on your site. This is why it is very important to choose a shopping cart very carefully so that you can give your customers a very pleasant shopping experience. There are a few important features that your shopping cart should have. It should be easy to be easy to purchase. If your shopping cart is not easy to navigate through, then your customers will lose interest very

The 4 Best Online Shopping Cart Solutions

Open source shopping carts are the easiest to set up and not very time consuming. We have compiled a list featuring the best shopping cart solutions that can be used in the market: 1.Zen Cart: This cart solution is not only free but also very user-friendly. This open source online shopping cart focuses on the merchants and consumers instead of the developers. It also supports many different shipping and payment solutions and is extremely easy to install. 2.Cube Cart: This is another popular shopping cart software solution. You only have to leave their copyright notice in the footer. But, otherwise, it is absolutely free of cost. This also supports multiple payment gateways and shipping solutions. 3.Magento: This open source shopping cart software offers complete flexibility and control. It offers SEO and clean URLs right from the very beginning. It also supports fully scalable architecture and smooth integration with third party applications. Other features include unlimited flex

Top Design Tips for Your Ecommerce Site

If you own an ecommerce website, then you must know that the very concept of 'design' is extremely important. If you want your ecommerce site to succeed in this highly competitive business arena, then your site should not only be appealing but also comforting to the user. Your site may be selling some of the best products, but if you site is poorly designed; it will fail to make an impact. Present below is a list of tips that will help you design an ecommerce site, that is not only attractive, but can create a powerful impression in the minds of the buyers: Cleanliness is an absolute must: This is but obvious. Anyway, if you are still not sure, you need to understand the fact that your ecommerce site must be visually appealing and clean. Would you ever buy your daily groceries from a place that's cluttered with roaches and dirt? Colors speak a thousand words: Any college level graphic designer will tell you that different colors evoke different kinds of emotions. But what

Reasons to Choose Virtuemart Design for Your Shopping Cart Software

The Virtuemart design solution is made by Joomla and is a full featured e-commerce engine. This template works very well for online store owners who want to pursue a safe online business. The Virtuemart shopping cart program can be used with the Joomla Content Management System. The Virtuemart templates are designed in PHP. Therefore, they work very well in the regular MySQL and PHP environments. It includes flexible tax types like tax calculation and ship-to-address. The Virtuemart shopping cart allows users to perform the shipping address management. It allows users to order history, follow client accounts, view confirmation electronic mails. They can also use varied languages and currencies. The Virtuemart design includes a product catalog option. This consists of a powerful web-administration interface. This is powered using JavaScript. The Virtuemart template also includes an absolutely free of cost marketing device. This tool allows users to have different payment options and

Designing your eCommerce Website with Zen Cart

From the point of view of technology, the Internet had indeed gone through a tremendous change. What with eCommerce businesses exploding all throughout cyberspace, new online stores are opening up by the minute. And this is why Zen Cart is the best software for your web design and development needs, especially if you’re looking for a powerful eCommerce solution that has thousands of features to it. Available under the General Public License, the Zen Cart is extremely easy to install and comes at no additional cost. Now you can execute your projects in no time at all and your clients can access features like Product Management instantly. Zen Cart is the perfect platform because it has many features such as: inventory, product categories, invoice, order management, packing list generation, etc. Many web designers and developers recommend using this software and there are plenty of dedicated communities that are available online as well. What’s more, the software has the capacity to supp

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Shopping Cart Software

You need to be very careful while deciding your choice of shopping cart solution for your ecommerce web site. Here are a few important points you should keep in mind while selecting the perfect online shopping cart system that matches your requirements: The first thing you need to consider is whether your shopping cart will be able to handle the delivery for your goods. An ideal shopping cart should be capable of delivering digital as well as hard goods. There are certain carts that limit your ability to change your pricing. This means you will not be able to dish out special discounts and attract customers. Of course, you will want a system that saves your time. Therefore, you would obviously want a shopping cart that will integrate information into your accounting software, instead of reentering information. Upsells are another thing that makes ecommerce web sites a success. Always go for a shopping cart system that can handle sophisticated upsells. It is always advisable to have a s